Arbitrary Location
Fall 2003 - 1st Year
Professor Jendretzki

The first semester of Studio was an introductory design course, and it included 3 small projects, which were all based off one another. The first project (Images 1, 5, 6) asked us to create an 'event', where some person or object had to break a horizontal plane. I chose to create a slide that lands into a pool to illustrate this. The ground is the plane being broken in this case. The second project (Image 2) asked us to develop a small section of the first project and detail it. I detailed the moment where the plane is broken, which is the end of the slide, and top of the pool. I gave the slide end more detail and made it into one smooth object that links pool and slide. The final project (Images 3, 4) asked us to contain the first two projects in some way. I created an enclosure for the pool, which takes advantage of natural sunlight to heat and light the pool and the space within.

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