Jersey City, New Jersey
Spring 2006 - 3rd Year
Professor Orsini

This project is located on a busy street in downtown Jersey City, which is surrounded by many historic brick apartments and other buildings. The project asked us to revitalize the surrounding area by creating a new mixed-use cafe, gym, and apartment building utilizing a modern steel structure. We were asked to first come up with an arbitrary concept, then apply that idea to the design of the building. I came up with the idea of magnetism, and used that to determine which program elements should come together, and which should repel away from each other. I then separated the program into two primary components, public and private, and demonstrated that by visually separating those two parts of the building vertically, as if they were 'repelling' each other. The steel structure is exposed, creating an exoskeleton for the building to house the programmatic 'containers'.

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